Packing is a skill people often underestimate as well as the supplies used for the specific job, from fine china, delicate lamps to artwork.ist2_3947909-shipping-icons-on-cardboard-box

When you have White Glove professionally pack your home or office, you’ll receive the same premium quality service we’re known for on moves.

We don’t just rely on muscle power when providing our services.  Our highly skilled, rigorously trained employees will wrap your valued possessions in packing paper, paper pads, or bubble wrap before carefully placing each item in the appropriately sized box. They then mark each box with the critical identifying information for optimum efficiency on the move and in unpacking.

Whether you’d like us to pack and prepare your home from start to finish, or simply look after your most fragile goods, a White Glove Sales Consultant can assist you in booking the right packing services for your needs. Busy customers also appreciate that we offer complete unpacking services, which make settling into a new home a