Need a safe and secure place to store your belongings in-between moves? Not sure where you are moving to and need some more time? ist2_8664150-wooden-packaging-crate-on-a-pallet-with-clipping-pathHave an overload of materials? White Glove offers customized moving storage facilities to fit your or your business’ specific storage needs. Whether you require a place to keep your belongings while relocating or a place to store your overload, White Glove is the place to do it. White Glove offers you freedom to move and to live according to your schedule.

White Glove orders custom built vaults to ensure your belongings remain protected while in our care. Some materials require their own detailed conditions to maintain their integrity and White Glove experts are trained to know exactly what these conditions are. Swift retrieval of your items keeps them out of sight but at an arm’s reach.ist2_9871567-warehouse

White Glove is one of the most trusted names in San Francisco moving  & storage and our reliability carries over to our fine storage maintenance. Moving and storage should happen according to your schedule and your needs and White Glove can make that happen.

Delivery, pick-up, monthly rentals and vaults can be arranged by contacting us directly.